Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Father's Day! Love, Greta

Here is a questionnaire I had Greta complete about her Daddy:

My daddy's name is: Quick Lock

He is: 77940 Rocky River Rd. years old

He is: (arms spread apart about 6 inches) tall and weighs: 67 pounds

His favorite food is: sour cream and brussel sprouts and french fries, hamburgers, tea, 697 and chips and strawberries and carrots.

My daddy is really good at: spankings, at work, driving the car when we go to church, eating a lot.

He loves his friends: Joey, Meghann's husband, Taylor, Jackie's wife.

My favorite thing(s) to do with my dad is: watering the garden and lawnmowering and going to Lowes and getting the bench all fixed up.

What I love most about my daddy is: hugging him and saying bye bye to him when he goes to work.

It makes Dad happy when: he doesn't give us spankings.

Dear Daddy, I hope you have a nice day at work and I want to make a picture for you.

Love, Greta

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carrie said...

we need pictures of baby miles! and i'm bloggin again:) feel free to leave comments so it's more fun.