Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Lordy Lordy, Look Who's 32!

I'm such a good sister, I even made you breakfast in bed...

...3 years ago :)

Interesting facts about Bridgette:

-She won a talent competition at a teen pageant in Kenai. We were SO proud.
-She had a "magic bear" when I lost something and she would help me find it using her "magic bear."
-She married her first and only boyfriend.
And the best news of all....
-She's expecting #4!!
Happy Birthday Bridge!


Kale Family News said...

Love the picture and very nice that you made her breakfast in bed. You will reap what you sow Natalie and yes, you are a good sister!!

I don't remember the magic bear but I do remember the sparkly keychain she would bonk you guys on the head with when she was the queen and you were all playing in the basement. Such good memories, all the plays you would perform for Dad and I. Thanks for posting Nat and Bridge have an awesome day. Eat some cheesecake for us! We love you. Mom and Dad

Bridgette said...

So sweet Nat! You crack me up...(and technically I didn't win the competition, I just placed in the top 5 or 3,..but practically the same thing;)) Thanks for the shout-out!! Love you.

anthonyandbeth said...

aww!!! i love bridgette! :)

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS Bridgette!!! #4 thats awesome!

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